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Success Stories

With Trainer Approved's personal training program we have many success stories. Our users consist of everyone, from people just looking to shed a few pounds to professional athletes, actors, fitness models and bodybuilders. We would love to see you as our next success story.

Our bodies are now Trainer Approved... Is Yours?

My body changed in just 4 weeks, WOW, I tried everything Trainer Approved works!" - Tara "Tarzana CA"   Watch Video

"I lost 50lbs and feel amazing. Goodbye expensive trainer and welcome Trainer Approved!" -Tony, Sunnyside   Watch Video

"Thank you so much! I now look so hot and feel so good! I love my new body!" - Katie, Los Angeles   Watch Video

"Trainer Approved helped me gain over 20lbs of muscle. It's so easy to use." - Josh, San Diego   Watch Video

"I lost 28lbs in 10 weeks! I love Trainer Approved is and its FREE.!" Nirva- CA   Watch Video

"I endorse Trainer Approved." Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Edwin Haronian, Encino CA   Watch Video

"Trainer Approved made me feel and look so much better and younger!." - Jane, Los Angeles.   Watch Video

"TrainerApproved's Program Helped Me Lose Over 125lbs and changed my life!" - Danish, Los Angeles   Watch Video

"Trainer Approved isn't just one of those fake fads. It's the only program I really was able to stick to and keep the weight off." Nick- Los Angeles   Watch Video

"TrainerApproved's Program Won Me; Heavyweight Div. Mr. Muscle Beach." - Workout Johnny, Los Angeles

"I weighed 275 now 225, 50lbs gone! Thanks I am on my way to having a TrainerApproved body." - Sevag, Glendale

"As a professional baseball player,Trainerappoved's the perfect tool for competitive edge." Jason Novak, St.Louis

"Trainer Approved is the one stop shop for fitness, nutrition and weight loss."- "Power 106's" Luscious Liz Hernandez

"I followed the diet plan exact with the workout and lost 42lbs. My body is now Trainer Approved!" - Steve, Florida

Finally I found a program that works, 1st week I lost 7lbs." - La Comadre Raq-C "Latino 96.3"

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